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2024 Canterbury Finalists: The Ridge Family of Ridge Greenfields – Arable, Seed Potatoes, Lamb Trading

The family behind this fourth-generation farm is improving production while enhancing the environment, thanks to a sharp attention to detail, and data-based decisions. 
Peter, Ian, Brian, Matthew and Brent Ridge are carrying on a family legacy that is sustainable, personally fulfilling, and an asset for the next generation. 
The 656ha (632ha effective) property has been in the family since 1955 and has a reputation for supplying high-quality products. The mixed arable farm grows small seeds, cereals and potatoes, plus is used to fatten lambs. 
About one-third of their income is derived from lamb trading, about one-quarter from seed potatoes, and the remainder from growing ryegrass, wheat and barley. Wheat and barley yields have increased in recent years, resulting in a healthy boost in profit. 
The team has trialed plenty of other crops over the years, closely tracking them to monitor viability and changing tack when needed. In addition, Ridge-Greenfields runs about 6,000 sheep. 
As they continually strive toward creating a sustainable farming system, the Ridges actively implement modern techniques and technologies. 
The judges were impressed with how detailed data and high-precision technology is guiding farm strategies and justifying decisions – ultimately leading to quality products.  
An attention to detail is obvious across every aspect of the business and the judges were inspired by the team continually improving the system, in terms of both production and the environment. 
The environment is being enhanced by the planting of trees, supported by careful irrigation and water monitoring. The use of nutrients is closely managed and there’s a strong focus on reducing erosion caused by the wind – for example, planting cover crops, direct drilling, and planting in ideal growing conditions. 
As well as running this large arable farm, the Ridges devote plenty of time to their local community, sharing their knowledge and providing leadership to others in the industry. 

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