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2023 Entrant: Alex and Megen Campbell of Awapapa Station – Sheep and Beef

Thousands of trees have been planted at Awapapa Station, transforming it from a bare property to one that is rich in both biodiversity and production.

The 441ha (effective) sheep and beef property is currently managed by Alex and Megen Campbell who have played a significant role in its environmental development.

They’re guided by the belief that – while financial prosperity is the foundation to progress – balance is crucial for long-term sustainability and a prosperous community.

The legacy of two Campbell generations has created a lush tree canopy that covers one-third of
Awapapa Station which, when originally purchased in 1967, had barely any trees. With the support of the property’s current Swiss owners, the Campbells have maintained and further developed the existing model – showcasing solutions to some of the major environmental issues facing New Zealand agriculture.

Today it features a mix of intensive livestock farming that produces well above the district average, alongside space-planted poplar, productive woodlots featuring diverse species and regenerating native bush.

The trees have significantly improved habitat for wildlife, insects and aquatic species. Pruned poplar trees within the grazing areas enhance the property’s environmental footprint by improving animal welfare, reducing soil erosion, offsetting carbon emissions and providing future timber income.

Alex and Megen’s personal interests include a poplar nursery that sustainably supplies poplar poles to Awapapa Station and other farms, and a horse breeding project.

The unique sport horse breeding project is preserving valuable bloodlines for the benefit of future generations. The couple’s work includes developing the only herd of purebred Cleveland Bays in the Southern Hemisphere – virtually saving it from extinction in this part of the world.

Alex and Megen are focused on promoting concepts that will nurture following generations, and feel the world will be a better place as a result of the efforts of them and their predecessors.

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