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2023 Finalists: Richard & Jenni Brewer and William & Lisa Brewer of Brewer Farms – Sheep, Beef and Dairy

Sharing their farming journey with consumers is one of the reasons the team at Brewer Farms is taking part in this year’s Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

They’re proud to put their own brand on the food they grow, and to educate others by telling the story of how they farm sustainably.

It’s been quite a journey, with the family able to trace its first generation of farming operations in south Taranaki to a block of land bought in 1908.

Today, the third generation’s partners are Richard, Jenni, William and Lisa Brewer. The business is comprised of two properties 19 kms apart, with most of their income derived from sheep and dairy, and the balance coming from beef and maize.

Brewer Farms are shareholders in an award-winning marketing initiative that promotes good farming practices behind the lamb it sells to Kiwis, Coastal Spring Lamb.

Priorities are to have first-class stock, carefully manage the soil and use excellent farming practices tailored to fit the land’s topography. Sheep breeding and finishing is carried out on the hills, while the flats are used for beef and lamb finishing, dairying and maize silage.

Optimum stock growth rates and milk production are achieved by managing soil and plant growth in a way that produces high-value, usable energy feed.

They choose animals that grow quickly, resulting in less maintenance and less days on the farm – ultimately making the operation more sustainable.

The introduction of a no-tillage seed drill has reduced soil disturbance, sediment run-off, carbon loss and fuel usage. Meanwhile, it enhances the soil’s water-holding capacity and biology.

Focusing on these areas means the business is achieving results through increased returns and improved environmental outcomes. All this while leaving the two farms in better shape for generations to come.

Richard, Jenni, William & Lisa are the winners of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm Award and Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award.

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