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2024 Northland Finalists: Dean Candy of Oromahoe Trust – Sheep and Beef

Protecting and looking after the land for future generations is the underlying mission of the Trust behind this sustainable Northland beef and sheep farm. 
All farming decisions build on the goals of Oromahoe Trust, a collective of 1,500 shareholders who are focused on achieving more than good economic outcomes. As kaitiaki of the land, the Trustees are also sharply focused on achieving environmental, cultural and social aspirations. 
The 1,050ha (750ha effective) beef and sheep farm has been operating under the Oromahoe Trust since 1990 and today is managed by Dean Candy. 1,400 bulls are run on the property, including 700 weaners that are purchased annually and finished on-farm. This income is supplemented by running 800 ewes, along with growing pinus radiata for harvest. 
Caring for the environment is central to every decision, and this is having a positive impact on the farm’s freshwater. Extensive riparian fencing and native planting has complemented the redevelopment of paddocks for cell grazingultimately reducing nitrogen levels. 
Multiple wetlands on the farm have been protected for many years and have now returned to their natural states. This is supported by active pest management which is enabling native plants and wildlife to flourish.  
A comprehensive farm plan guides day-to-day farming practices, including parasite and pasture management. A better understanding of the pasture has led to a lift in stock numbers while remaining efficient with stock rotations. Technology is used to record and closely monitor farming data, guiding the team’s decisionmaking by allowing them to compare and run scenarios. 
Building a good culture within the farm team is another priority. Staff enjoy goodquality housing and are offered development opportunities.  
Oromahoe Trust is always striving to do better, and this is paying off, with it achieving a large amount of progress in all business aspects within a short period of time.

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