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2024 Auckland Finalists: Matt Wech and Ana Sevilla Farm of Matt Wech Family Trust – Sheep and Beef

The landscape at this Warkworth property has gone full circle under the guidance of this fourth-generation farmer who is working in harmony with nature.
Rather than trying to make the 33ha (20ha effective) hill country property more productive, Matt’s goal is to operate sustainably – working in harmony with nature to be self-sufficient.  
About one-third of the property has been replanted in native trees grown from seed at an on-site nursery. Matt grows about 50,000 trees each year, selling some of them but mainly planting them on the farm to mitigate erosion and help purify the farm’s freshwater.  
The judges were impressed with the fencing of all waterways to exclude stock access, along with Matt’s deep knowledge of the property’s soil and a wide range of sustainable farming practices. 
He’s moved away from livestock by diversifying, with half of Matt’s income now split between free range eggs and pine harvest. A further one-third comes from renting out the farmhouse, and the remainder is derived from selling native trees, beef, sheep and Mānuka honey. 
Producing honey is a reflection of Matt spending 16 years as a commercial beekeeper. This included forming a bee club, breeding queens, selling handmade beehives, offering lessons and showcasing the honey-making process to tourists.  
Matt’s unique approach and entrepreneurial spirit means the farm has remained profitable while staying true to his commitment to be self-sufficient and sustainable

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