Horizons Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Richard and Suze Redmayne of Tunnel Hill


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Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Richard and Suze Redmayne of Tunnel Hill – Sheep, Beef, Maize and Forestry

Richard Redmayne has literally been born and bred at this Wanganui property and, along with his family, has continued its successful development with an eye on the future.

His great grandfather Wilfrid Perry bought Tunnel Hill in 1936, with it passing down through the generations until Richard and his wife Suze took over in 1993. Thirty years on, they run it with their children Sam, Ruby and Sophie.

Sheep, beef, maize and forestry are farmed across 1005ha of the property that features large stretches of coastal land. Their investment in forestry and additional native planting means Tunnel Hill is not only beautiful – its carbon negative.

About sixty percent of their annual income is from sheep and forestry. Twenty percent each is from beef and maize grain. The 240ha pine plantation also forms a large part of the family’s succession plan.

Tunnel Hill is at the heart of this family and everything they do. As well as running a profitable business, they enjoy using and sharing the farm for recreational activities.

A focus on the future has guided all improvements, with plans adjusted and adapted as needed. Farming systems have been carefully tailored to match the climate, soil type and topography. Marketing has been thought through too, with them teaming up with likeminded farmers to developed Coastal Lamb – a niche product that is sold worldwide.

Significant work has been put into regenerating trees in sand dunes along the property’s coastline – protecting these fragile areas while creating shelter and shade for livestock. Wetland areas have been retired and trees have been planted to create wildlife corridors through the farm.

The family plans to continue enhancing the environment along with farming systems so Tunnel Hill is successfully farmed by future generations.

As well as receiving this year’s Regional Supreme Award, Richard and Suze also received:

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm Award
Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award
Norwood Agri-Business Management Award


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