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2024 East Coast Regional Supreme Winners: Simon & Josi Beamish and Hugo & Pip Beamish of Awapai – Sheep, Beef & Forestry 

The Beamish family has been farming in Havelock North since 1878, using a successful business model that balances profitability with caring for the environment. 
Today, the Beamish family run Awapai which is a 2,100ha (1,625ha effective) slice off their family’s original 7,910ha property.  
The grazing and finishing farm runs about 5,500 breeding ewes, 3,700 trade lambs, 850 beef cattle, 300 bulls and 300 Wagyu beef cattle. All animals are finished on-farm except for the Wagyu. 
The judges were impressed with the use of innovation, technology and modern ideas – implemented within the framework of a well-established and enduring family business.  
Research guides the approach to farming, with Simon and Hugo matching land class to appropriate and sustainable use, and carefully managing soils. 
They strive for excellence when it comes to animal welfare, ultimately targeting international markets with quality products. There is plenty of shelter for the healthy stock which enjoy a diverse range of feed. 
Awapai was severely impacted by 2023’s Cyclone Gabrielle and a significant amount of work has gone into reinstating the farm’s infrastructure. Improving the farm system’s resilience has been another focus, including having forestry on steep marginal country, and planting poplar and willow on grazed country where erosion can be managed. 
To preserve and enhance native biodiversity on the property – which features five QEII National Trust Covenant blocks – there has been significant planting in and around wetlands and riparian areas. The larger of the covenants has recently been deer fenced and Josi runs an ongoing pest control program. Hugo and Simon are striving to ensure that all water leaving the property passes through retired areas which are closely managed to reduce nutrients and sediment. 
As they look to the future, Simon and Hugo are actively working on a succession plan, plus are aiming to improve the land for the next generation so it continues to bring both pleasure and prosperity to the family. 

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