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2023 Finalists: Graham and Tracey Sinnamon of Meringa Station – Pāmu – Sheep, Beef and Forestry

Continuous improvement of both business and environment means the team at Meringa Station is operating an effective farming system that is high-performing, resilient and sustainable.

The 1,904ha (1,492ha effective) hill country property has been owned by Pāmu since March 2001, with farm managers Graham and Tracey Sinnamon at the helm since January 2004

They work in partnership with farm business manager Kathryn Broomfield and four employees to run Meringa Station primarily as a lamb finishing farm. The business is rounded out with sheep and cattle breeding, along with a small amount of cattle finishing. Overall, 70% of the station’s income is derived from sheep, with the balance coming from beef.

Meringa Station is located 30 minutes from Taumaranui, and the team strives to operate a highly effective farming system that is supported by resilient, repeatable, and sustainable farming practices.
Financial performance is largely driven by the property’s livestock policy that aims to mitigate the impact of drench resistance in young stock.

Boosting the property’s biodiversity has been a long-term priority for Graham and Tracey and, today, the station features 162ha of production forestry. A further 70ha of farmland will be planted in native vegetation over the next three years, while there’s a strong focus on monitoring to drive improvements in water quality.

The beauty of the station has been enhanced with significant investment in stream fencing and the planting of riparian buffers. In addition, 70 Ha protected by a QEII National Trust Covenant is being enhanced, and gates made from home-grown timber add to the station’s charm.

As Graham and Tracey look to the future, they have a strong focus on refining the farm’s operations so it’s increasingly sustainable – ensuring future generations can enjoy a property that is both beautiful and financially secure.

Graham and Tracey are the winners of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm Award, NZFET Biodiversity Award and Horizons Regional Council Award for the Integration of Trees.

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