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2024 Otago Finalists: Tim Paulin Farm of 3 Kings Cherries – Horticulture

The success of this orchard is largely due to the long-term relationships the business is built on, plus growing cherry trees that perform to their best.  
Tim Paulin is a third-generation orchardist whose family has been growing fruit in Central Otago for more than 100 years. At 3 Kings Cherries, he is combining his skills with those of his shareholders to deliver a well-rounded business that exports cherries primarily to Taiwan and China, with other global markets taking smaller amounts.   
Producing high-class cherries is the goal at this 30ha cherry orchard that has been recently developed on a 47ha hillside property overlooking Clyde Dam. To achieve this, Tim has trialled new varieties and training systems and placed a lot of emphasis on the management and nutrition of soils and trees. New, fit-for-purpose infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art packhouse that was built in 2021.  
The judges were impressed with Tim’s innovative use of technologyfor example, adjusting wind turbines for frost protection, water systems and fertigation. Monitoring and measuring tools are automated, and fruit is tracked digitally from the picker and block to the packhouse. Technology is also helping to significantly reduce orchard labour – for example robots are used to scare birds. 
The judges commended the amount of effort Tim puts into recruiting, training and retaining good staffultimately protecting 3 Kings Cherries brand. Initiatives include providing highquality facilities and accommodation, and laying out the orchard to ensure picking is easier and more enjoyable for staff. In addition, health and safety are seamlessly integrated into daily management of the orchard, including the use of an app. 
The success of this business is driven by customer-centric marketing which leverages Tim’s long family history of cherry production and the subsequent relationships he has built and continues to maintain. 

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