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2024 Horizons Finalists: Peter & Ally Apthorp, and Nathan Ebbett of Springview Agriculture – Sheep, Beef and Crops

Springview Agriculture is a great example of good neighbours becoming good friends and – ultimately – formidable business partners who are striving toward a shared vision. 
The Apthorp and Ebbett families were long-time neighbours before they joined forces in 2021 to create this sheep, beef and cash cropping operation. 

Fifth-generation farmers Peter and Ally Apthorp, and Nathan Ebbett, are now leading the 794ha (620ha effective) Pahiatua business, building on 100 years of farming that went before them. 
They’re achieving a collective vision to produce healthy stock that grazes on wellmanaged, highquality pasture. The rich soils are nestled among corridors of native plants which enhance biodiversity. 
Springview Agriculture is mainly a sheep and cattle finishing business, supported by a small sheep breeding operation and cash cropping. About 5,000 lambs are traded each year and the rest are grazed, while trade cattle are finished at between 500 and 600kg. The cash cropping includes growing green peas across 30ha and producing maize silage for the dairy industry on about 50ha. 
Care and custodianship of the land underpins all decisions, and this has led to great environmental outcomes as well as increased productivity. Technology is used to achieve more with less impact, while land use is carefully tailored to type. 
The judges were impressed with the sustainability focus which includes retiring and excluding stock from waterways, and plantings to enhance biodiversity and stream erosion. Their approach has led to improved soil and water health along with a significant increase in biodiversity. 
Both families have a strong connection to the community, including Ally helping to form and facilitate the Mangahao River Catchment group.  
This sustainable and profitable business looks set to stand the test of time, as these families combine complementary skills, efforts and aspirations to create a strong farm enterprise. 

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