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2024 Greater Wellington Finalists: Harry, Tim and Kate Gibbs of Stanmore Farm – Horticulture, Vineyard and Nursery

Stanmore Farm is small, however that doesn’t stop it from packing a punch when it comes to diversification – ultimately ensuring it is both successful and sustainable. 
The business is primarily focused on growing grafted grapevines for the wine industry, although this is supported by a range of other income streams. 
The 28.5ha (22.5ha effective) property was originally purchased by the grandfather of Harry Gibbs, and today he manages it alongside his parents Kate and Tim. It was converted from a cattle stud to horticulture in the 1980s, with Kate then steering the business toward growing grapevines for supply. 
To provide resilience and utilise labour and facilities, there have always been other crops grown alongside the grapevines. Today those crops are mainly blackberries, with further income coming from eco-tourism. 
Cattle are rotated with cover crops in order to produce organic matter and sequester carbonultimately protecting and enriching the soil and feeding into a wider goal of reducing emissions. 
The two final income streams are a commercial kitchen which is currently leased, and an eco-tourism accommodation business that is enjoyed by people from around the world who want to experience off-grid living.  
When it comes to protecting the environment, close monitoring optimises water management, while all plastic mulch is recycled. This includes trialling the use of biodegradable plastic mulch. 
A wetland and 3ha gully are being regenerated, with 3,500 native trees planted so far – supported by active predator control. 
Stanmore Farm employs just over 20 staff, many of whom are long-term. With the staff and family’s best interests at heart, its owners plan to continue striving for sustainable success for future generations.

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