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2022 Finalist: Rob & Rachel Cashmore of Cashmore Farms – Sheep and Beef

The family behind this Auckland farm has historically worked alongside the environment, and the couple currently in charge are continuing this sustainable approach.  

Rob and Rachel Cashmore are focused on respecting the environment as they manage this profitable family property that they are gradually taking ownership of through a succession plan.  

They are the fifth generation of the family to farm the 1,240ha property which is currently a sheep and beef breeding and finishing operation. Across an effective area of almost 840ha, they run 6,000 stock units, finishing three quarters of lambs and cattle. About half of their income is derived from lamb and a quarter from cattle.   

Capital has continually been invested into Cashmore Farms since it was purchased in 1907, ensuring successive generations have been able to buy into a well-performing property. Rob and Rachel have been managing the farm since 2014 and are reaping the rewards of an infrastructure and environment that have been cared for over time.  

The land features about 400ha of virgin native bush in three stands, meaning the Cashmores are striking a balance between environmental stewardship and profit. Rob and Rachel, along with their predecessors, have worked hard to protect this native bush. In addition, every paddock features parcels of naturally regenerating native plants, providing shelter and shade for the animals.  

Water, soil, nutrients and greenhouse gas emissions are all closely monitored and managed, with a focus to reuse, recycle and repurpose where possible.  

Plans are always evolving to ensure Cashmore Farms will be both profitable and sustainable into the future. This is to ensure successive generations can continue the legacy of running a family farming operation while caring for the land and environment.

Rob & Rachel were winners of the WaterForce Farm Stewardship Award.

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