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2024 Southland Finalists: Tracy & Steve Henderson of Legendairies – Dairy and Beef

Located near Invercargill, this Awarua beef and dairy farm is increasing production in a sustainable way, thanks to the clear and imaginative vision of its owners.  
Tracy and Steve Henderson are building on their extensive dairying experience as they realise the potential of the property’s land and infrastructure. They’re driven by a joint vision which has well-defined goals, enabling them to implement changes and improvements that align with long-term aspirations. 
At a total size of 515ha, Legendairies derives most of its income from the 215ha dairy farm that runs 600 cows. The balance comes from a 300ha support block that is used for wintering dairy cows and raising young stock including dairy and beef. 
The judges were impressed with Tracy and Steve’s positive attitude and their focus on staff and community well-being. They have flexible milking times to support work-life balance, and leverage team strengths to optimise business efficiency. 
The judges said that Tracy and Steve are leaders when it comes to fostering strong relationships within their business, ultimately creating a collaborative and productive environment for all those involved. 
The couple has developed a resilient business that is a direct reflection of their forward-thinking vision and ability to anticipate trends – and adapt to them. Every decision is linked to the core vision and values, guiding them as they navigate opportunities 
The Hendersons are committed to increasing production in a sustainable way, with one illustration of this being the development of a peat wetland complete with a hut. 
Legendairies is thriving under the guidance of the Hendersons and looks set to continue doing so into the future. This success is largely due to their joint philosophy of creating a supportive network that propels their business and opportunities forward. 

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