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2022 Finalist: Hamish and Chantal McClean of Burwood Station – Sheep and Beef

Hamish and Chantal McClean see themselves as the caretakers of this vast Te Anau sheep and beef station, always looking for opportunities to enhance it for future generations.

They run a total of 28,000 stock units across the family run Burwood Station which is spread over about 3,600ha of hill and flat country. They get 75% of their income from sheep, about 20% from beef and the remainder from the 70,000kg of wool they produce each year. They finish all their beef and up to 80% of lambs.

Chantal and Hamish have been at Burwood Station since 2005, gradually adding two more blocks to it over the years. By trying new things and working with what they have, this focused couple has significantly grown the property over a relatively short space of time.

Along with the hard work of their valued staff and contractors, they maintain a property that is impressively tidy – including it being gorse- and broom-free. Careful decision-making is guided by staying well informed of what’s happening in the industry.

Animal health is a top priority and the McCleans have a number of strategies to keep the stock in good condition. This includes feeding their ewes silage and grain at mating time, while maintaining production and growing less winter crops.

Another focus is the careful management of soil and pastures, to ensure they produce the best possible food for the animals. They direct drill the majority of their crops because this requires minimal till and is beneficial for the soil and in terms of time management. Many waterways have been fenced off and paddocks have been subdivided to improve management.

The McCleans truly appreciate the stunning environment and family lifestyle they have at Burwood Station and hope to continue enhancing the property into the future.

Hamish and Chantal were winners of the Environment Southland Water Quality and Biodiversity Award

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