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2023 Finalists: David and Adrienne Wordsworth of D&A Wordsworth – Cropping, Silage/Hay, & Beef

Thirty years of hard work is evident at David and Adrienne Wordsworth’s Dargaville farm, however they believe they’re only part way through their journey.

Their ultimate goal is to leave the land in a better state than when they took over, and they’re achieving this by using farming practices to enhance the soil – making it more resilient to climate conditions.

There is a strong focus on improving profitability and farm system resilience through soil health, agronomy practices and environmental management. To help achieve this, David belongs to a group of like-minded growers in the upper North Island.

D&A Wordsworth spans 185ha, of which 27ha is leased, with the operation encompassing beef, cropping and the production of silage and hay for local farmers. Intertwined with the main farm are a separate grain supply company and a contracting business.

Over a year, about 50ha of maize and 30ha of barley are planted for grain, while between 150 and 200 beef weaners are grown.

A lot of time and investment has gone into adopting precision agriculture practices on the farm. David has modified machinery to achieve this and believes that improving the soil quality through a no-till system has transformed the farm.

The accuracy of GPS is helping to improve crop productivity and is also reducing running costs. Grid soil testing has been carried out across the property to provide an accurate reading of nutrient levels. David and Adrienne are looking at enhancing this knowledge through further soil testing and analysis.

Currently, there is four generations of the family living on the farm, and their journey is one of hard work and dedication. As they continue to build the business while enhancing the environment, their firm focus is on creating a sustainable operation that will be viable for generations to come.

David and Adrienne are the winners of the Ballance Agri-Nutrients Soil Management Award, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm Award, Hill Laboratories Agri-Science Award, Norwood Farming Efficiency Award and NZFET Innovation Award.

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