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2022 Finalist: Stuart Paterson & Melisa Jones of Tymana Farm – Dairy

Tymana Farm was a gorse-covered beef farm when Stuart Paterson and Melisa Jones purchased it in 2013, and they have since converted it into a profitable dairy business.

Stuart and Melisa are about three-quarters of the way through Tymana’s development. They entered the Ballance Farm Environment Awards as a way of upskilling in environmental matters and getting constructive advice that will help motivate Tymana’s completion.

Regarded as their family’s forever farm, they have put significant time and effort into the Far North property’s conversion from beef dry stock. Across 135ha of the 168ha farm, they milk between 220 and 250 mixed breed dairy cows, with cashflow boosted by a small quarry and calf-rearing business.

Tymana’s significant development has included realigning paddocks from a vertical to horizontal aspect that suits the land’s topography. This has reduced the impact of winter grazing and led to cleaner streams and increased pasture fertility.

Additional dams have been built across the property to carry Tymana through long dry spells and to enhance the environment. This autumn, a significant number of native trees will be planted around the dams.

Against a backdrop of incredible coastal views, Stuart and Melisa have started a native planting programme to further enhance the property’s beauty and help protect waterways. This is complemented by active pest control carried out by their two sons Rusty and Case.

Stuart includes fun elements in farm projects to enhance the children’s enjoyment of the property and provide a foundation for succession planning. For example, he recently installed a flying fox across a new dam.

With much of the hard work behind them, Stu and Melisa are now focused on achieving a good work-life balance – spending time with family and friends and getting involved in the local community and school.

Stuart and Melisa were the winners of Northland Emerging Business Award.

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