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2022 Finalists: Angela Strawbridge of Taonui – Hopkins Farming Group – Dairy

Angela Strawbridge has been managing this Palmerston North dairy farm since 2018 and since then has improved production while setting her sights on environmental sustainability.

Taonui peaks at milking 750 Friesian-Jersey-cross cows across 255ha. Since Angela took over, production has consistently climbed year-on-year to a high of about 320,000kg of milk solids in 2020. Careful management includes running just the milking herd on the property during winter in order to help protect pasture.

As well as boosting production, Angela has developed a biosecurity plan and built on the farm’s environment plan, with a particular focus on improving effluent management.

Her innovative approach includes adopting new, cost-effective technologies. For example, she has taken steps toward cowshed automation, and uses computer-based reporting systems to provide accurate and timely feedback on farm management.

Angela entered the Ballance Farm Environment Awards as a way of gaining knowledge to improve her farming practices and to compare Taonui against others in the industry – particularly in terms of the environment.

Angela treats Taonui as if it’s her own, implementing new ideas and initiatives. She is committed to getting the best out of her staff, and she and her team continually strive to improve the overall farming operation. 

This includes improving the environmental aspects of the business so the property can be successfully farmed into the future. Angela believes dairy farmers need to be sustainable and responsible if they are to continue being leading global food producers. As such, she’s overseeing plenty of environmentally sustainable initiatives, particularly in relation to water and soil management, and the sequestering of greenhouse gas emissions. 

As she looks to the future, Angela plans to sharpen her focus on environmental sustainability, including planting out areas that have been fenced off. Her vision is to balance this with continuing to supply quality milk year-round and improving animal health. 

Angela is the winner of Bayleys People in Primary Sector Award.


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