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A leading farm machinery company has thrown its weight behind the Ballance Farm Environment Awards (BFEA).

Palmerston North-based CB Norwood Distributors Ltd has been welcomed to the BFEA family of sponsors by the New Zealand Farm Environment (NZFE) Trust, the organisation that administers the awards.

Tim Myers, CEO of CB Norwood Distributors, says the competition’s vision and values closely match those of CB Norwood “and we wanted to support what has become a genuinely valuable initiative for New Zealand agriculture”.

CB Norwood Distributors has been operating in New Zealand for over 64 years and is a prominent national supplier of top tractor and equipment brands to the agriculture, horticulture and contracting sectors.

Mr Myers says the company has a strong sustainability ethos and is dedicated to providing the primary sector with environmentally-friendly technological solutions, including low-emission diesel engines, precision farming technology (such as minimum tillage and advanced seeding) and efficient grassland, forage harvesting and nutrition-feeding practices.

“Sustainability on-farm is a function of various inputs, including farm machinery. We actively manage our product range to ensure that our machinery delivers the most efficient on-farm solution possible to our customers. That’s something we are very passionate about.”

Mr Myers says after attending NZFE Trust’s National Showcase in June, “it became very clear to us that an association with the Trust and the Ballance Farm Environment Awards offered tangible benefits for the communities and the industry we are involved in. The energy and enthusiasm in that room was incredible, and that is definitely something we want to be part of”. 

NZFE Trust chairman Simon Saunders says the Trust is looking forward to developing a long-term relationship with the company.

“CB Norwood Distributors is a well-respected New Zealand agribusiness with a rich history and a strong national footprint, so the Trust is delighted to welcome the company on board as a sponsor.”  

Mr Saunders, a Southland farmer, says having a farm machinery company in the sponsorship team is “a good fit” because the increasing use of precision farming technology and lower emission engines are helping to make agricultural and horticultural operations more sustainable.

“So it’s great to have a leading farm machinery company join our family of sponsors and be associated with an awards programme that is continually growing and doing great work in the agricultural sector.”

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