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2024 Horizons Catchment Group Showcased – Pohangina Catchment Care Group

Pohangina Catchment Care Group has a three-pronged approach as its members work to facilitate growth and resilience in the local community.  
They have their sights set on nurturing the valley’s water, people and land – and support each of these aspects in different ways.  
Formed in 2020, the group is a subset of the Manawatu River Catchments Collective. Pohangina Catchment Care Group is comprised of people across the whole Pohangina Valley and includes farmers, iwi, lifestyle block owners and Pohangina village residents.  
When it comes to water, they’re striving to understand their river’s ecosystem and everything that contributes to it. With the help of a member who’s a freshwater ecologist, they’re building up knowledge which is then used to drive improvements. 
As part of this, they’ve partnered with Manawatu River Catchments Collective to facilitate monthly water testing at 11 sites in the valley. 
People is another strong focus, with the group’s activities bringing people together to either work on projects or enjoy social events.  
This work has evolved into the group becoming a hub of information for people throughout the valley. For example, they sent regular updates to their community following 2023’s Cyclone Gabrielle. They also led a survey which ultimately resulted in 19 farming families receiving financial support from the Government after the cyclone. 
Their regular activities include open days, field days, social events, meetings with other groups and agencies and, in May 2023, they ran a farm resilience workshop.  
The third prong in the group’s approach is protecting and nurturing the land. Through their membership, they cover an estimated two-thirds of the valley’s farmland, plus have strong connections with the wider community.  
This is enabling them to actively champion the valley’s biodiversity and facilitate various activities to improve both the environment and wellbeing of people. 

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