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This catchment group is significantly boosting the area’s biodiversity by driving a vision that aims to benefit people, the natural environment and the local economy. 
Since forming in 2020, the Ahiaruhe Eco Area Catchment Group has doubled the land area protected by QEII National Trust covenants and worked with the wider community to plant tens of thousands of native trees.  
In addition, they have a collective and sustained focus on predator control that netted almost 600 pests in the two years to March 2023. 
Their approach involves supporting landowners to develop a long-term vision around caring for the land, water and wider environment. This includes helping farmers to balance profitability with environmental goals such as reducing their carbon footprint, restoring native species and improving water quality. 
Driven by a community-owned plan that is focused on doing – not talking – the group leads numerous activities. For example, they facilitated the production of bulk potting mix for propagating eco-sourced plants. They’ve arranged a plant swap, and hold regular events and working bees. 
The group’s success is tangible, with more than half of the catchment’s households either actively involved in their work, or coming along to events and activities.  
They have doubled QEII National Trust covenant areas to 23ha and, with help from the wider community, plant more than 30,000 native trees each year. This work has led to a resurgence of native plants and wildlife in the area, for example a 2021 bird survey identified 20 unique native bird species. 
The group is sharply focused on developing connections, including with other Wairarapa catchments, support agencies and local schools.  
With its focus on caring for the land, water and environment, Ahiaruhe Eco Area Catchment Group is having a positive impact for both current and future generations. 

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