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Greater Wellington Catchment Group Award Winners 2022 – Wainuioru Community River Care Group

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Hull Family Kevin, Johnny, Amy & Alison

Kevin & Alison Hull and Johnny Hull of Awakare

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Wgn Lambess

Bevan Lambess (vineyard manager) and the Urlar team of Urlar

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Wgn Handyside 1

Rupert Handyside of Matahiwi

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Patrizia Vieno & Rod Clutton

Greater Wellington Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Patrizia Vieno and Rod Clutton of Rewa Rewa Station

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Est Forde 2

Tim and Cathie Ford of Forde Ltd

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Est Goodwin 1

Kim & Annemarie Goodwin of Kawera

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Est Lyons 2 (edited)

Willie Lyons (Director) and Timothy Fairweather (Farm Manager) of Glenalvon

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East Coast Catchment Group Award Winners 2022 – Tukipo Catchment Care Group in Hawkes Bay

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Est Johnson 2

Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Mark & Jane Johnson of Alcuin Station

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Hor Steele 2

Dan Steele & Sandy Waters of Blue Duck Station

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Nth Paterson

Stuart Paterson & Melisa Jones of Tymana Farm

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Nth Gilkison 1

Kim & Graham Gilkison of Dancing Petrel Vineyard & Winery

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Nth Mansell 2

Geoff Mansell of Kotare Farm

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Nth Mcpike 2

Julian McPike and Trevor & Joy Smyth of Oneriri Station

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Nth Crawford

Northland Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Geoff & Jo Crawford of Crawford Farms

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Head Shot Atiu Creek

Atiu Creek Regional Park, Auckland Council

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Head Shot Cashmore

Rob & Rachel Cashmore of Cashmore Farms

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Shane & Jenny Hood and Kevin & Gill Adshead of Mataia Farm & Manaia Properties

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Head Shot Mannering

Auckland Regional Supreme Winners 2022: Rick & Shirley-Ann Mannering of Waytemore Farms

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